Costa Martiánez

Costa Martiánez Tourist Complex, also known as Lago Martiánez, is a leisure and entertainment zone, comprising seven artificial seawater swimming pools and a large lake, as well as gardens, terraces, islands, viewpoints, cultural spaces, bars and restaurants. It currently constitutes the symbol and main tourist attraction of Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. The most traditional and prestigious tourist city on the Canary Islands.

Costa Martiánez Complex is the pride of Puerto de la Cruz and all Tenerife. The quality and the beauty of its facilities provide the visitor with the most suitable environment for bathing and relaxing and, thanks to the Canary Islands’ privileged climate, can be enjoyed any time of the year.

Costa Martiánez has a surface area of 328,084 square feet that completely transforms the Puerto de la Cruz coastline that cannot be used as a beach or for recreation. It is located on reclaimed land on the coast of the same name and was created to meet demand for relaxation and leisure zones in this municipality of the north of the island, and became a top class international tourist centre.

Visitors of the complex no doubt to say that it has an exceptional facilities. Costa Martiánez is extremely important and it’s been recognized by outstanding personalities from the arts and showbusiness. It hosted Miss Europa 1979 and the central island has been used for formal dinners, receptions and many conferences.

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