Combined dishes

Grilled chicken breast with vegetables and chips. 8€

Chicken escalope with vegetables and chips. 8€

Grilled pork loin with vegetables and chips. 8€

Croquettes with fried egg and chips. 8€

Batter fried squid with chips and vegetables. 8€

Frankfurters with chips and vegetables. 8€             

Spanish omelette with tropical salad. 8€

Fish churros with chips and vegetables. 8€    

Burger, fried egg and chips. 8€

Half a roast chicken with chips and vegetables. 8€

Sea bass with Canarian wrinkly potatoes. 9€


Chicken. 2,6€

Spanish omelette. 2,6€

Serrano ham and tomato. 3€

Salami and cheese. 2,2€

Tuna. 2,7€


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